Sara Andreasson

Reminds me instantly of another artist that we know who you may have heard of as Amir is my BFF! Similar but not identical, while Amir has a more quirky way with his work, Sara is more complex as she is able to set a mood and tone to her work, little touches like that can make a huge difference.

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Vincent Mahe

One of the artists interviewed in the forthcoming issue of Seven Shades of Black, really nice update of work from the frenchmen.

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Absolutely beautiful typography by Berlin based designers Eps51 with a variety of posters and leaflets. Brilliant mix of old and new, east and west all wrapped together with some really choice colours.

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Richard Mosse / The Enclave Exhibition

I’m pretty sure most people if not everyone has seen these images, Richard Mosse travelled to Congo and took these spectacular images which spread to every corner of the world from the big art websites, newspapers, Facebook and even Buzzfeed.

What I didn’t know was the following, they aren’t photoshoped, they are taken by a rather unique piece of film which changes certain colours into pinks and red, for the most part it transforms the green. More importantly it is accompanied by a piece of film, something I never knew about.

Down in the basement of the Vinyl Factory, you had these massive screens, a terrifyingly brilliant soundtrack to accompany them and a far darker and  intense footage. It never showed scenes of conflict but it did show these three women who had a ritual preformed on them as they joined the army then confront a bunch of rebels with other soldiers. The soundtrack along with the various different camera angles of the scene across the screens in the basement were truly terrifying. Then all of a sudden you see all of the soldiers we just followed, including the women, were dead on the floor as the rebels were laughing among them wearing their hats. Oddly enough there was no visible blood on the soldiers or on the floor.

I think the most heartbreaking part personally speaking was seeing four rebels lift and carry up one dead solider while his comrade was lying next to him, squirming from side to side with his final breath of air.

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The Most Known Unknown

The Most Known Unknown is a bi-monthly Podcast presented by Seven Shades of Black and hosted by Eli Colburn.

Featuring exclusives & originals by: John Looke, Epicure, Exum x Eli, Chief, Headband, Best Friend, Brandeaux Calrissian (AKA Con Solo), CRASHprez & *hitmayng, and Voltage Ctrlr

Philippe Roy

After a few weeks away from the 7 Shades Network I can finally show off to you all sir Philipper Roy, the multi-talented gif artist on our roster, and I do use that very specific phrase for good reason.

Most, if not all, gif artists I’ve had the pleasure of looking through online have been very consistent. Same work, same style flows through which is great. Here is something different, yes he has these fantastic exploding colourful gif sets but if you look deeper you will find very earthy illustrations and patterns. Not to mention a very cool and crisp nostalgic driven vector style within it too.

Presented by the 7 Shades Network.
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Johnny Abrahams

Prepare for yourself to get lost ( literally ) within Johnny’s illusion based paintings. This really does have to be viewed in full screen to be admired properly.

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Tom McCarten

Well these just speak for themselves really don’t they? Crisp a gif set as you’ll ever find online. Beautiful type, animation, illustration, art direction, colours, concept. The whole lot.

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Jun Cen

There’s something of that old school flair to Jun’s work, not only this but his other illustrations too thanks to the props within his work, note the typewriter and lamp. There’s a real hands on feel with the large white marks around the piece which is a really nice touch.

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Rather swell but unfortunately photoshoped images from Robert Jahn’s Instagram account. It’s surely only a matter of time until someone does that with a pug though right?

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Jing Zhang

I’m yet to tell what stands out from Jing’s work that stood out to me. There are literally hundreds of extremely talented minimal, vector artists out there but something just stands out with her work. It might be the incredibly subtle use of detail within her work that caught my eye combined with her colour palette.

Take the bucket for instance, most would just have just two colours, no shadowing details but she’s got three in there, the shadow and the details around the rim at the top and bottom of the bucket.

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Jonathan Calugi

Various piece of work from Italian illustrator Jonathan Calugi, very sophisticated line drawing aided by the more mature manner of the topics he covers. Do particularly like the geometric wine overlaid onto glasses.

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It’s complete, at long last. Here’s all the new things added on :

  • Complete redesign of the aesthetics of the blog
  • All social media links presented together
  • All new Contact page with a click through to email
  • Soundcloud podcasts will get updated per episode
  • All important tag features added so you can search through specific areas of interest
  • Abouts section giving you a snapshot of the people behind the publication and history

Still minor parts to change but the rest I will touch up as the week passes. Normal posting will resume.


Blast from the past

(Source: 7sobm)

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