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Amanda Valdez

Heavily drawing from the minimal abstract expressionism, NY based artist Amanda Valdez creates striking compositions. Well used colours and shapes together give an intriguing impact on the viewer, especially in her newer work.

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(Source: Amanda-Valdez-Art)

Martina Paukova

First London based illustrator I’ve liked in a good couple of months! There is the typical London quirk to her work but complimented by some less outspoken colours and a more graphic edge with the geometric forms.

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Eli Colburn / Untitled

From the mainstay of our SoundCloud channel, an unreleased track from our close friend Eli Colburn

Julien Douvier

Never seen a set of escalators looking so peaceful, beautiful and artistic all at the same time. It’s a pretty ridiculous thought to be honest but evidently very true. I could literally stare at these minutes on end and feel very much at piece with the muted background.

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Martine Johanna

Exceptionally beautiful paintings by Dutch artist Martine Johanna, both in terms of the girls and content used offset by a strong stylistic and fashion influence but also by the use of dozens of different tones being used.

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Back on Tuesday

Regular posting will be back and a little surprise for you guys too, a special edition of the magazine will be out. Giving you a chance to read up on behind the scenes and beyond our digital masks, getting to know the thoughts of various people behind the scenes that work on various parts of the magazine.

Joanna Borromeo & Häzel / Sun Come In

Our first upload and probably still the smoothest.


7sobm Update

Very exciting time for the magazine right now, we are going a complete overhaul on how we function and the people involved. While the pressure and workload was mainly on just myself we are now stretching it to a number of people.

What this essentially means is a lot more content on tumblr, website, youtube, soundcloud and Facebook. On here you should see a few posts daily across various timezones. So we will be back with gusto in a few days, so for all the artists who submitted we will take care of you soon!

Spooky Black - Without You ( Great Dane bootleg ) 


Press Opening

We have one role that just opened up to be a part of our press team. You’ll be working directly with the director and editor of the magazine, along with the press manager at a later date.

You’ll be needed to help give the magazine more exposure, email artists, blogs, musicians and the alike to inform them that they’ve been featured. You will also be sent to attend gallery openings and music events dependant on your location. Preferably we’re looking for someone within the UK but oversees are welcome.

Email to apply

Tom Misch / The Journey

Tumblr Feature / Kamelia Del Rio

In what can be called an unusual or at least unorthodox move, Kamelia focuses on full nudity but there’s one tiny difference. She focuses on men. It’s only after viewing her work that I feel incredibly awkward as as man, realising that male nudity is almost non existent within photography and if it is, its like the image above, censored. While if it were a women I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

I’m not sure if that can be attributed to the lack of appreciation on the male form or more likely a great argument from a feminist perspective about the lack of respect for women. Notice how I didn’t post up anything fully nude as it’s too “rude” or “controversial” as even I face the reality that I don’t want to post up male genitalia while with a women I would have no objection for at least showing her breasts.

This really has hit on something for me that I’ve never personally felt before and for that I can’t complement Kamelia enough.

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Tons of submissions browsing through all of them later today, if you haven’t already you can send us your work here.

Suff Daddy / Dog Days 

Link me your portfolio?