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Stephen Wiltshire

British artist Stephen Wiltshire has managed to draw the manhattan skyline from memory. These were drawn after a half hour helicopter trip over the city. 

Stephen Wiltshire was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and he has an unusually powerful photographic memory. He can look at the subject of his drawing once and reproduce it accurately with photographic detail, down to the exact number of columns or windows on a building.

Can’t believe this is still making the rounds! Out highest rated post by a mile!

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Blog optimisation

Starting to optimise the entire blog, from scratch. In other words I’m going to recode and reupload the 20,000 images we posted up on here since 2011. This should speed up loading times for everyone, especially if you’re on your phone it should be quite noticeable I hope. It will take a few weeks as you can imagine.

Illustration by Atelier Olschinsky.

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Feeling like Ali right about now.

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Rebecca Storm

Nostalgic and raw, often to the point of voyeuristic, informality makes Rebecca Storm’s photography.Her portfolio of point and shoot portraits (with plenty of film grain to spare) make for images which feel more genuine than an airbrush-standard digital snap. Storm’s photography seems to revive the spirit of the disposable camera, informal documentation at it’s best. Prolific in both portraiture and still life, Storm’s compositions of everyday objects are at times unsettling; engineered to make you feel uncomfortable. These compositions still manage to retain the spirit of spontaneity common through the rest of her work, conveying the unnatural in a very natural way.

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Antoine Rose

That’s one heck of a view from up top in a helicopter over one of the beaches in Miami. I’m a total sucker for aerial views if you’ve yet to notice and this is as good as any other that we’ve posted.

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DJ Mehdi - Breakaway (DJ Mehdi Remix )

I think the most tragic thing about the loss of a favourite musician is that lingering questions of what they were working on before they passed away. What would they have made in the future…. This ones all the way back from 2002, so under rated glad I just bought the album.

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Stylistically completely unique, I don’t think many people can claim to be in possession of a like for like style, less so when you think specifically with street artists. Each line looks like a piece of steel bent to shape, disintegrating as it flys across the building.

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Billy Monk

Billy Monk was not only a photographer, but also a bouncer at Cape Town. His exact age was never known, but his photographs were taken in the 1960s. Monk had a reputation for being many different things. He was not too well known through his life, but rather his legacy lived on through his photography. The people in his photos are primarily caucasian. His photos showed the unknown nightlife that went on during the apartheid years that happened in South Africa. Monk’s work was notorious for being provocative with nudity and suggestive content.

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Thomas Ruff

These photos go in a particular direction with the pixelated aspect. It does not fit everyone’s taste, in fact it may even put some at unease. The work of Thomas Ruff depicts the images at an alienated manner. In fact, some may say that his work is heartless. Yet there is still a certain beauty perceived. Ruff’s photo are not simply for viewing pleasure, there is also the thinking component that will make it more appreciated. His work is more dramatized compared to typical still life photography. One thing that many people agree on Ruff’s pixelated photos is that it they cannot agree on what it means. As previously mentioned, this type of work requires the thinking aspect. That being said, it is controversial material that provokes people to ponder.

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Ed Spence

I was a tad gazumped when I first came across Ed’s work by both the method “holy crap that must have taken forever” mixed in with “holy crap that’s pretty”. I’d like to give him some more intricate words but sometimes a brash summery does the job better.

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Zeb Daemen

Daemen is a young photographer from Belgium. His work for fashion is much different from the typical photographs taken for fashion these days. Daemen contradicts the typical fashion photos by having models pose in different stances, the use of surrounding objects, unique body motions, shadows, the levels of clarity in each photo, and of course their distinctive outfits. Daemen manipulates every contributing factor in his photos to portray them in a very modern, refreshing technique. Daemen’s photos are growing and emerging with new ideas that will surely be adapted as time goes on.

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Genuinely surprised by how many people enjoyed the jazz music I posted the other day, will post more in the future!

Miles Davis - Lift to the Scaffold

An incredibly moody number by by Mr. Davis for French film, Ascenseur pour l’échafaud.

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Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers - Blues March

A big big fan of that initial military style drums before the rest of the band swings into action, the live version which has people talking and yakking to one another adds more depth and life into the proceedings though.

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Illustration / Art Agency

A friend of ours is creating an illustration / art agency with the goals of getting artists into galleries and getting commissioned work. If anyone is interested email me and I’ll forward you the details,

P.S Our server is down, for anyone who tried to respond to this and had emails that bounced back I’m incredibly sorry!!