Milton Nascimento / Tudo o que você podia ser

If you quickly and carelessly lend your ear to this song, it might sound like something you hear at a coffee shop. Nevertheless, riches aren’t found by absent mindedness.

This song is in Portuguese and the unconventional mixture of jazz and Milton Nascimento’s Brazilian roots makes this something a lot more special than your habitual listen of ambience waiting in line for your daily dose of caffeine. More importantly, the astonishing falsetto ties a ribbon around the effortless guitar strums and the use of simplistic instruments like hand drums and shakers.

Without the translation of the lyrics not many would know the meaning of the song. Listening to songs with foreign words is kind of like blind contouring in a beginning drawing class. You might not have any ideas to what it is, but for some peculiar reasons in the way we are set up, we get a flinch of the meaning just by careful awareness in absurd lines and in words we don’t comprehend.

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A rather nice update on the development of our site!

The first bricks have been placed, can’t wait to finally get down and start designing it all and posting up content.

Kaye Blegvad

Ever since being gifted one of her beautifully eerie hand necklaces I’ve become a little obsessed with Kaye Blegvad. Her illustration work has a soft handmade touch that’s a nice change to the garish block graphical approach that’s been so popular in contemporary illustration of late, and whether it’ll be under her own name, or that of her design company Datter Industries, it’s safe to say Blegvad will go far. She’s also started branching out into doing a range of ceramics, of which the slightly sinister head pots and benedictory hand plates are a particular favourite. I also have to note I find her style fascinating as the longer you look at it, the more you see it change into something different from what you originally imagined. The media she uses (watercolour, collage, ceremics) are the trademarks of your usual ‘cutesy’ illustrator, but give any of her works more than a surface glance and you’ll see the opposite is true. Her images may be simplified and almost naive, but there’s a bleak undercurrent present.

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Andy Warhol

Lying dormant since 1985, a series of digital works by Warhol have been salvaged from previously overlooked floppy disks in the Andy Warhol Museum archives. The images are characterised by heavy pixelation, a product of the ancient ‘GraphicCraft’ software and Amiga proto-PC that Warhol worked on. While simple and not as impressively scaled as many of his well known works, these digital images are relics of a burgeoning digital age; one in which images could be mass produced and copied at the click of a button.

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Dillon Marsh

A cell phone tower was first disguised as a palm tree for the first time in 1996. It first made an appearance in a Cape Town suburb. Since the first appearance in Cape Town, all these phony trees have been distributed throughout the rest of the world. Photographer Dillon Marsh had a project to explore these disguised cell phone towers. In the first photo we can see a phony palm tree that was placed in an average looking neighborhood. It is also placed alongside roads and aside other living trees. These disguised cell phone towers add a tasteful touch in the modern world than compared to the typical steel looking cell phone towers.

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Sofilla / Emotions

It’s so mindlessly simple and easy to listen to yet, sort of sweet and sincere. This song has a depth within the uncomplicated words and the effortless flow. It almost feels like a perfect match to an idle, quiet Saturday evening after you decided to stay in.

The beat of the music and the use of repetitive yet intriguing tunes keep your attention on the song itself. It is quiet refreshing to have a modern female artist try something other then the intrinsic Sadcore Hollywood scene most modern female artists are doing now, such as Kimbra, and Priscilla Ahn.
In summation, this song is smooth, captivating and goes well with unoccupied nights.

New Project announcement


It will be unveiled later this week and involve a host of artists …

Nicolas Coulomb

Incredibly fond of Nicolas’s work and I have a feeling we featured it at some point in the past but this glitch / computer inspired effects which take their original inspiration from those energetic patterns really caught my attention. A glitch enthusiast myself it was eye opening to find a photographer that managed to marry the two forms together.

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A broken glimpse to myself


The following is a conversation I am having with a friend and artist about art history and the direction of art, this is unlike anything else on the blog and is a deep insight on myself and my friends thinking.

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Jasmine Deporta

Jasmine Deporta displays these bags in an alluring, yet suttling way. The symmetry she produces in the second photo really draws the eye in. Unlike most photographers, Jasmine portrays her photos in a way where it is not obvious she is not trying to concentrate on a particular physical part of the photo. Her way of not setting the attention of these photos simply on how the bags are metallic but rather the clash between them and everyday life is brilliant. In Deporta’s other pieces it is clear to see she has developed the ability to not overstate certain parts of a photo.

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Lennard Kok

An A6 zine gracefully entitled, Falling Objects. Never has anything been truer to its title than this.

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Kokoro & Moi

I’ve featured this incredibly talented agency in the past but I’ll have no problems in featuring them a second time round thanks to the great work they did Fazer Cafe in Helsinki. The Cafe itself was established in 1891 so immediately you can see them draw on inspiration from the history of the cafe itself and not needlessly chosen a font just for the aesthetic quality.

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Eve Warren

It was certainly tasking to just pick out three examples of work from Eve’s portfolio on Behance as she’s a very young and exciting talent coming out of Leeds. To generalise her work the words bold and structured come to mind, it’s all very controlled and consistent without becoming repetitive and predictable.

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Vilde Rolfsen

Aptly named Plastic Bag Landscapes, no points gained if you guessing what this is. It takes a lot of vision and perhaps a touch of calculating madness to think that tons of disregarded bags could form a rather spectacular and stunning landscape. It’s also one of the pieces I would love to know the backstory to.

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Mike Ellis

Shows off some beautiful examples of editorial work he’s created for a variety of clients on his site. He’s also responsible for a number of very cool zines for a few dollars each that are well worth a look into!

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