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Licking my lips over cities people have been suggesting to us some really interesting choices, not made my choice yet but will do tomorrow! Here are the suggestions in full :

Cape Town, Asunción, London, Toronto, Detroit, Tartu, Munich, Sydney, Melbourne, Istanbul, Cagliari 

First week of each month I’ll try and focus on artists from a single city

What should be our first destination?

Studio Ghibli / 1985 - 2014

Though not fully confirmed as some are saying the Japanese to English translation could have been misinterpreted, indications so far lead us to believe this unique and legendary animation studio may be shutting down. Dark news indeed…

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Not one to usually post up 3D gifs, simply because they are pretty hard to come by, that’s not to say they aren’t around, of course they are but how many artists know Cinema 4D? I came across Zolloc via his blog and was genuinely surprised by how sophisticated the textures and animations were. All of his work just looks refined and finished, possessing the matt feel that’s desired, not to mention the countless mesmerising loops.

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Monica Ramos

Exceedingly charming illustrations from New Yorker Monica Ramos, who has a host of editorial work to her name including the New York Times thanks to her watercolour characters. Such vibrancy and life within all her work with can’t help but make you smile as you browse across her portfolio.

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Because you guys really do. The goal of this blog when i started doing this almost five years ago was ridiculously simple I just wanted to help one anonymous person out the night before their class to help give them that spark to help them through a sleepless night and produce something  that they were truly excited about. This was all before the magazine, I was still at uni and the rest.

I use to look in envy at all these ridiculously huge, professional, popular blogs on here with their thousands and thousands of followers who not only were helping all these kids but also were helping getting these artists out there and genuinely helping them out too, spreading their work to all corners of the internet. For me to have this opportunity now at this, on a personal level is honestly a privilege.

Since we’ve been on the spotlight it’s been beyond my comprehension much interest its generated for us and the artists I find. I’m not going to lie I feel hugely pressurised to curate it far more carefully, to try and write better, to find less exposed artists and the alike, knowing that I might be getting into the position soon where I may genuinely influencing students work as the middle man. No pressure right?

Anyway I just wanted to say take a second to thanks the big guns like 2headedsnake, jacobvanloon, darksilenceinsuburbia for helping us out considerably along the way and not to mention every single last one of you that value our thoughts enough to keep an eye us. Glad to be back posting after a hiatus.  7 


Whatever you’re doing right now just pause for forty seconds and watch the link below, the crispest and most visually stunning animations I’ve seen this year. I promise you’ll regret not watching this.

Youtube link

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Duque yvan

Yet another french illustrator to add to the onslaught they are having within the circles of illustration, this time in the form of Duque Yvan from Nantes. The slight gradients combined with the textures and bold vectors actually really stands out when you compare him to other illustrators within the scene, can’t claim to have come across someone like him yet.

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James Gilleard

Some new work from my man James Gilleard, a retro inspirited illustrator in the UK, by far one of the best commercial illustrators I came across at my time working at Folio.

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Bonsoir Paris & Ben Sandler

Very much in love with this project from this Parisian duo with their neon Japanese inspired shoot. Particularly interested with the typographic treatment and hope for future collaborations which expand on that.

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Sef Quemado

A beautifully and carefully crafted instagram account by Filipino artist Sef Quemado. Every shot has been meticulously placed together with an obviously pale colour palette running throughout, well worth following if you have an instagram account.

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Hsiao-Ron Cheng

I do feel slightly guilty whenever we feature an artist more than twice but can you blame me? Came across Hsiao-Ron through tumblr over three years ago after he produced one of my favourite illustrations to date and since then she’s never ceased to amaze me.

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The Gif Connoisseur

A firm favourite for artist name of the year, is possibly an admission of the possibilities upon this new art form, or rather our art form. By that I mean all us digital kids who created or observed these odd, humorous, artistic and sometime crazy gifs. This is a new thing, certainly not around when the chap in the suit was around was a teenager. I don’t think we are a million miles away from gif artists having their own exhibitions and such, I’ll be bit surprised if it’s not been done yet but image walking into one of these grand gallery halls and viewing gif artists work surrounding you, might be a tad surreal.

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Tumblr Spotlight

I am one incredibly proud son of a gun right now, to be put along side some of the ridiculously huge blogs, museums and the alike is incredible. Never in a million years did I think this would happen.



Not heard anything from Spank Rock in a few years so it was nice to bump into this heavy bass remix by Brodinski who for all the kids that don’t know has been around from at least 2007