Olivia Locher

Entitled ‘I fought the Law’ the concept is based on ridiculous laws and rules and disobeying them. It’s illegal to place an ice-cream cone in your back pocket in Alabama, it’s illegal to wear transparent clothes in Rhode Island, you are unable to tickle a womens’ chin in Marine and you certainly can not give a child in Texas an unusual haircut, no matter how awesome it is.

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White Material - 1 Does Not Kno

Imagine a sex-fueled animalistic nightclub outside of our grasp of reality. Everyone is in a drug-induced delirium of lustful rage, everyone becomes a malicious creature stuck inside a cage. White Material crafts the anthems of all those who lived for the sake of glorious self-gratification.

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In all seriousness though


Never thought we would amount to anything close to the followers we have today, very humbling. I know I’ve possibly celebrated too many milestones in terms of how many people follow us but I think 10,000 is a more than acceptable number to give thanks for.

Also I can’t believe five people unfollowed us after I posted a selfie lol



Can’t quite think of how to word a proper thank you so please accept this unedited image of myself.


Self review

I must say I think we’re doing a pretty good at promoting young and unknown artists across the board on tumblr, youtube, soundcloud, the three magazines, facebook, artist network, submissions blog.

I think we have pretty much covered everything possible and to be doing an alright job at it?

Ben Minard

Yet another fantastic example of a multidiscipline, multimedia artist who has more than one style, something I myself was unaware of until he redesigned his website and a very snazzy one at that. On the one hand you have the uber clean vector gif, the first being my favourite seeing as I’m a lover of minimal design, then out of no where you have a very realistic pencil sketch, life drawing and a cubist bust! It will be very interesting to see where Ben goes with his work from here.

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Anthony Naples / Busy Signal

Our internal hurricane is what guides us. It is a burden, yet it is us; The Naples hurricane of high-hats makes one aware of their own bitter-sweet Fight; but alas- the second movement; we see the light, the smooth caramel, the admixture of the rhodes, rich and gooey, sweet and sticky. The demons dance to the beat of the drumkit, but dissipate as the delicate pink rhodes comfort us.

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015 / Alex DeMelo


I think as many of you will know and hopefully notice, I will usually stand well away from this type of photography. So what makes Alex different? It’s not faked or pumped up to be something it’s meant to emulate and what do you get from that? Something incredibly fresh and pure.

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Stephanie Hardy

One of the countless designers I’ve come across with from the graduate class of 13’ over the past nine months or so, Stephanie is probably my favourite of the lot. Based in Leeds, England, she has a very clean style which is always a massive plus in my books, but she is unafraid to experiment, to dare, to try something new. A combination of the two has paid off handsomely with numerous freelance gigs since she graduated.

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Mark Lyon

Simply entitled as Landscapes. It’s witty and just meant to be enjoyed.

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Matthias Heiderich

The only photographer, or artist for that matter, who before I click on his portfolio I chuckle a little as I just know that he will impress me even though I’ve seen his work before and am accustomed to his style. He was also incredibly humble the last time he saw our post so hats off to him.

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Alexis Vasilikos

Very particular way Alexis photographs people, their possessions and objects, hard to describe. It’s incredibly muted and very intimate without showing a great deal of expression. Massive archive of work on her site so well worth a look into.

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The Most Known Unknown Vol.2

Running with the theme of vintage Japanese graphic design and illustrations I selected legendary designer Shigeo Fukuda.

Mateusz Witczak

Whenever I see typography or lettering like Mateusz’s one above with all the different copies, tracing paper and the alike it just gets me incredibly jealous of their talents.

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Sara Andreasson

Reminds me instantly of another artist that we know who you may have heard of as Amir is my BFF! Similar but not identical, while Amir has a more quirky way with his work, Sara is more complex as she is able to set a mood and tone to her work, little touches like that can make a huge difference.

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