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Raul Alejandro

Raul you’re my new favourite typography, we’ve all seen a dozen times over beautiful hand drawn typo from the really eloquent and refined ranging to the graffiti style. What you won’t see however is the above, adding the extra layer to the type, almost giving it a photoshop effect onto it with various lighting and shadows.

On a side note how on earth did you get type to look so neat on a cheap piece of tissue paper even though there must have been a heavy bleed…

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Landon Metz

Stunning minimal artwork by Landon Metz and incredibly complimentary photography to match. Lots of white space around the abstract shapes, giving it a real sense of balance and helping it set the figures within the canvas. 

“A few years ago I was in the elevator of a loft building somewhere on the west side with some people and we took it to the penthouse by accident and the doors opened to this giant apartment filled with nothing but the same painting of Michael Jackson over and over and over again.”

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Tom Grunwald

Very much a rough and ready feel to Tom’s work, clearly influenced by tattoo art and the alike. Do love the crazy scenes he draws up though what a very strong hand made quality to it, would like to see how it would look with some colours though, maybe just a touch of a third one to compliment the black and white.

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Artists & designers


All I’m saying is that you have to respect the past. If you objectively look at what was done, just twenty years ago yet alone sixty years back and what we are doing now it doesn’t even compare.

It’s actually really worrying from a “critics” point of view who has done nothing but promote young artists how far behind we all are, myself including, on an intellectual level comparing to the 80s and beyond.

Collages of cats or ripping off a trend just to be cool and brandishing it as art or design and trying to sell it online simply don’t cut it lol

I’m actually really worried where we are heading…

Helena Almeida

Made all the way in 1975, you can totally imagine in this day and age it would be created into a short five second gif couldn’t you? Not really the same effect is it?

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Marc Nagtzaam

Talking of which here’s another artists born in the 60s, this one has his own site though. The more you look at the past, the more you realise how modern art and design is lazy and lacks complete sophistication in comparison. An over reliance on technology is the root cause of this.

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James Corner

I know we always try to feature the younger generation or at least lesser know artists but I’m going to make an exception here for James who was born in the 60s and has a wiki page.

There hasn’t been a single collage / mixed media artist who I’ve seen that has anything on James. His background is architecture clearly shows a much higher level of sophistication than anyone around now.

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Sasa Stucin

As I’m sure we are all aware of at this time, this minimalistic, heavy white style of photography is the key to many a persons hearts, mine included. Sasa’s work in particular is just so crisp and effortless.

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Timothy O’Connell

I’m surely not the only person who wants that first guys back story am I?

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Incredibly proud to announce our first feature podcast for Seven Shades of Black and the launch of our Soundcloud account later this week.

It’s been a couple of months in the making but my good friend and incredibly talented producer Eli Colburn will be running an ongoing podcast entitled The Most Known Unknown. As the title hints, the podcast will showcase lesser known artists and producers across a half hour mix and some interviews along the way. The first of which holds a host of names from across both sides of the atlantic.

Brilliant typography from Paul Chin Culturecraft who is also an incredibly talented producer.

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Alexander Glass

I hand picked Alexander due to the way he plays and mixes so many ideas and mediums together, truly acting the role of an artist by experimenting and pushing himself outside of his comfort zone rather than being static and lifeless.

Based in Brighton, he is still currently studying sculpture at university which I’m sure has aided in his conquest in a range of mediums. I can not mention this enough, from projections, wooden beam, graphic shapes, felt, paint, sketches and a list of other things I’ve missed out. It’s just really nice to see the little bits and pieces mixed with final outcomes.

Presented by the 7 Shades Network.
A tumblr artists network run by 7sobm.

Greg Barth

Mind bending editorial photography from Greg, no photoshop or anything of the alike. It’s so easy to get lost into images like these.

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Stunning typographic posters from the poster extraordinaire  in Switzerland. Must look through the rest of his work if you have any interest in typography or poster design.

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