Sasa Stucin

As I’m sure we are all aware of at this time, this minimalistic, heavy white style of photography is the key to many a persons hearts, mine included. Sasa’s work in particular is just so crisp and effortless.

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Timothy O’Connell

I’m surely not the only person who wants that first guys back story am I?

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Incredibly proud to announce our first feature podcast for Seven Shades of Black and the launch of our Soundcloud account later this week.

It’s been a couple of months in the making but my good friend and incredibly talented producer Eli Colburn will be running an ongoing podcast entitled The Most Known Unknown. As the title hints, the podcast will showcase lesser known artists and producers across a half hour mix and some interviews along the way. The first of which holds a host of names from across both sides of the atlantic.

Brilliant typography from Paul Chin Culturecraft who is also an incredibly talented producer.

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Alexander Glass

I hand picked Alexander due to the way he plays and mixes so many ideas and mediums together, truly acting the role of an artist by experimenting and pushing himself outside of his comfort zone rather than being static and lifeless.

Based in Brighton, he is still currently studying sculpture at university which I’m sure has aided in his conquest in a range of mediums. I can not mention this enough, from projections, wooden beam, graphic shapes, felt, paint, sketches and a list of other things I’ve missed out. It’s just really nice to see the little bits and pieces mixed with final outcomes.

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Greg Barth

Mind bending editorial photography from Greg, no photoshop or anything of the alike. It’s so easy to get lost into images like these.

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Stunning typographic posters from the poster extraordinaire  in Switzerland. Must look through the rest of his work if you have any interest in typography or poster design.

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Jeffrey Gibson

These are bonkers! Jeffrey I want to buy you a drink and tell me all about yourself because you’ve got to be a heck of a person to think of such a cool and colourful project like this!

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Ryo Takemasa

Nice editorial pieces from Ryo for the Japanese edition of Wired Magazine.

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Javier González Pacheco

Barcelona based illustrator displaying his process on his behance account, pencil to digital.

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Chaotic Atmospheres

" This is a personal project meant to experiment erosion on procedural terrains. The goal of the project was to find a good way to import terrains from World Machine into Vue. The process was long and boring because I wanted to get a very precise terrain. So each terrain is made from two tiles of 8K (for a total of 16K x 8K). This allowed me to get enough resolution, even if the "tiling" option was not perfect (some "artifacts" appeared on the tile line). So I had to postwork each picture on Photoshop in order to get rid of the "tiling artefacts". "

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Hiroyuki Izutsu

There is a very “flat” quality about Hiroyuki’s work. Usually this would be a negative thing to comment upon an artists work but it’s certainly not the case this time around. It adds to the work and i’ll be very surprise if it wasn’t played upon by him.

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Pascal Pierrou

I’ll withhold my comments and just tell you that the above is from a series entitled, Modern Girls.

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