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Not heard anything from Spank Rock in a few years so it was nice to bump into this heavy bass remix by Brodinski who for all the kids that don’t know has been around from at least 2007

Air / La Femme D’Argent

Emy Mills

Construction and deconstruction appear to be two very prevalent themes in Mills’ artwork. Geometrical sculptures of slatted shapes are juxtaposed against other works in which the canvas is literally slashed, burnt and broken- and in some cases stitched back together again. Whether created by carefully built up layers of paint or by tearing and smashing the canvas, common throughout each work is a preoccupation with texture which adds to their sensory experience.

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Chris Wiley

Chris Wiley’s photographic series ‘Technical Compositions’ is both beautiful and frustrating. Cropped and composed almost to the point of abstraction, Wiley has captured the bricolage of contemporary life, the often jumbled and mismatched environments in which we live. Beautiful in their combination of colour, structure and texture, but frustrating in their stillness, the qualities of staticity and eclecticism seem at conflict throughout the series.

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Andrew Fuller

A true gem I stumbled across a few weeks ago in the form Californian based Andrew Fuller. There’s a great white washed simplicity running through all his work but the series I was drawn into was his Raw Athleticism series, a great title indeed for his style of work.

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Marta Thisner

This collection of photos are done by the Märta Thisner, a Sweden based photographer. These series of photos are captured under the water. Without actually showing the woman’s face, a flutter of emotions come ranging in with these photos. The exquisiteness of control is strongly portrayed in these images. Not being able to completely sink down to floor level of the pool, clothing being free to roam along with the water, and every breath causing an extensive amount of bubbles. The viewer is able to relate to these familiarities after all these feelings are revealed with the woman shown completely submerged under the water.

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Many people think of something over the top when it comes to architecture. But something does not have to be overly glorified to catch attention. And Nuno Andrade, a photographer from Portugal, has captured this beautifully.  Most of Andrade’s collection is on nothing but a simple white building, but the way he captures it is brilliant. The contrast between the building and the sky, the shadowing, the delicate appearances of objects with its surroundings, all of these things the photographer is able to convey wonderfully in his work. Not many people are able to take such simple things and display them in an elegant, peaceful manner.

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We’ve been investing a fair amount of time into our SoundCloud account which a bunch of mixes from a host of musicians and styles on the way soon. Our website should also be live in a few months as for our beloved tumblr account it should be rolling back to normal by the middle of the month.

Ray Charles / Georgia on my Mind

Personally speaking I think this is by far the great mans best song. Every single time I hear it it both fills my heart with joy and sorrow with equal parts. Both moody and yet uplifting it’s on heck of a feat if you think about it.

Dominic Kesterton

Full of symbols and a cast of intriguing masked characters Dominic Kesterton’s work seems to all be part of one big mysterious meta-narrative. Slick lines and flat blocks of colour gives everything a very contemporary graphical feel, and even his simple pattern-work posters are impressive stand alone pieces. Despite only having graduated Edinburgh College of Art last year he already has a strong style going for him, and his last full length comic, Hoss Bay, is an enviably cool zine.

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Christer Strömholm

A Swedish photographer that took provocative photos. His work was mostly done in the 1960’s. Even though at the time the photographs he took may have not been fully appreciated or looked at highly, Strömholm continued to take photos of whatever seemed interesting. His work ranged from transexuals in Paris to children in Hiroshima. Strömholm’s work was done in black and white, adding a dramatic touch to these already daring photos. His collection was bold and daring, something new. Needless to say, Strömholm’s photographs eventually became quite popular for the eyes of everyday people.

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Charlotte Mei

There’s a lovely kind of rough whimsy to Mei’s work that’s difficult to not be enchanted by which is beautifully unique. In particular her handmade ceramic plates are effortlessly endearing, although I’m certainly not sure I could ever bring myself to ever actually eat off of one of them. Roughly done with paint, watercolour and brush pen her illustrations are full of a lively energy and vibrancy.

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Theo Cleary

There’s just something inexplicably fascinating about the world as seen by self-described drag-shaman Theo Cleary. Full of strange pagan symbolism and a seemingly endless cast of various fantastical creatures his work is imaginative and inventive in every sense. Having invented his own intricate mythology and cast of ‘simple gods for a complex age Cleary uses everything from spoken word to illustrations to costume design to realise them. His costumes in particular are incredibly unique, and I for one would love to see them in something such as a short film. It’s well worth having a good long look at each of his projects as shown on his website though, for despite only just being out of university he’s already done an impressively wide range of work, and a number of exhibitions and performances around Edinburgh.

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May Xiong

May Xiong is talented portrait photographer with the ability to create stills that look as though they’ve been ripped straight from an art house film. Xiong’s effective use of available light and beautiful framing come together to create an intoxicatingly cinematic feeling in each photograph. The portraits I find most captivating are those where the subject is disengaged with the lense, their gaze travelling out of frame and leaving us to create our own backstory to each pensieve scene.

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Mary Jane Ansell

Citing old masters such as Vermeer and Ingres as early artistic precedents, Ansell’s body of work is largely dominated by hauntingly enigmatic portraits of women not unlike Vermeer’s ‘Girl With a Pearl Earring’. Ansell’s handling of paint is impressively precise and her ability to create alluring tones of synthetic flesh adds to the intimacy and concurrent exploration of femininity within her paintings. There is definitely some mystery rippling under the carefully rendered surface of each work, an unexplained narrative that makes Ansell’s portraiture so engaging.

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