Andrew Zonzini

How can you not love someone who is shooting hello kitty?

“Many people think that the illustrations are added afterwards on the computer, but that is not what I do. I do like the idea that the final result might seem a digital graphical composition, because it means that I managed to render a photograph as a sort of comic strip through my compositions.”

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Studio Latif

I won’t say much but this is my own little project on the side, drawing minimal icons. If there’s no other reason for you to click the link above, you can actually see my face if nothing else. That’s a rare thing in itself so you can be part of the exclusive tumblr club that’s in the know.

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7 Shades Network | Jackie Rent

7 Shades Network | Krystal Pham

Vallès - St. Lucia EP

7 Shades Network | Giuseppe Cristiano

7 Shades Network | Cody Walzel

Two Points

If I’m not wrong in saying, we have featured this talented design studio in the past and I’m glad they crept up on my radar again. You simply must click the link above to see a very detailed breakdown of their work.

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Angela Fraleigh

Incredibly captivating paintings from across the pond in the States. Theres so many interlacing layers, colours and with the image at the top and bottom, they feel so light, almost as though it’s floating. All the people within her work show such strong characters and personalities, really adding to the intensity of the pieces.

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Matthijs Van Leeuwen

Simple typographic gif from New York.

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It should be no surprise to anyone that this is ran by Takeuma In Kyoto. Very Japanese feel about the illustration, the touch of quirkiness to it and excellent colour choices. Just discovered him now through his Behance page but I have a feeling he will become a firm favourite over here.

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Alex Badovsky

Very smooth branding from Kiev designer Alex Badovsky for a luxury hair studio. Particular favourite has to be the unicorn with the simple title of Believe.

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Pixus Prod & Ben Sandler

A collaboration between two Parisian creatives to create the editorial entitled Movements for Blast Magazine in France.

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Isobel Adderley

Every so often, perhaps every five to seven months I will come across someone, get all excited and know that they will become fascinating and incredible visual artists. I was lucky enough to come across one of them when we were creating the network a few weeks ago, now I’ve just come across someone else.

Keep you’re eyes peeled because I can tell you right now you will see a lot more of Isobel by the end of the year. Reminds me very slightly of Alana Dee Hayes with her photographic use.

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Jim Gaylord

This reminds me vividly of another artist who’s name completely eludes  me, painted these very graphical shapes across canvases. Jim creates the same feel by collaging and even a similar colour palette with his work so I’m very curious to know if theres a connection or not!

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