Jeffrey Gibson

These are bonkers! Jeffrey I want to buy you a drink and tell me all about yourself because you’ve got to be a heck of a person to think of such a cool and colourful project like this!

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Ryo Takemasa

Nice editorial pieces from Ryo for the Japanese edition of Wired Magazine.

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Javier González Pacheco

Barcelona based illustrator displaying his process on his behance account, pencil to digital.

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Chaotic Atmospheres

" This is a personal project meant to experiment erosion on procedural terrains. The goal of the project was to find a good way to import terrains from World Machine into Vue. The process was long and boring because I wanted to get a very precise terrain. So each terrain is made from two tiles of 8K (for a total of 16K x 8K). This allowed me to get enough resolution, even if the "tiling" option was not perfect (some "artifacts" appeared on the tile line). So I had to postwork each picture on Photoshop in order to get rid of the "tiling artefacts". "

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Hiroyuki Izutsu

There is a very “flat” quality about Hiroyuki’s work. Usually this would be a negative thing to comment upon an artists work but it’s certainly not the case this time around. It adds to the work and i’ll be very surprise if it wasn’t played upon by him.

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Pascal Pierrou

I’ll withhold my comments and just tell you that the above is from a series entitled, Modern Girls.

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Andrew Zonzini

How can you not love someone who is shooting hello kitty?

“Many people think that the illustrations are added afterwards on the computer, but that is not what I do. I do like the idea that the final result might seem a digital graphical composition, because it means that I managed to render a photograph as a sort of comic strip through my compositions.”

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Studio Latif

I won’t say much but this is my own little project on the side, drawing minimal icons. If there’s no other reason for you to click the link above, you can actually see my face if nothing else. That’s a rare thing in itself so you can be part of the exclusive tumblr club that’s in the know.

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7 Shades Network | Jackie Rent

7 Shades Network | Krystal Pham

Vallès - St. Lucia EP

7 Shades Network | Giuseppe Cristiano

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