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Ed Banger 10th Anniversary

Ed Banger Records. How do I even start to begin in trying to sum up how influential and important this label is and the man behind it? Let me firstly say that I fully plan to have a proper Ed Banger segment within the magazine’s next issue so I will refrain myself from going all out in the article.

Busy Pedro Winter P. Now it’s one thing to be at the forefront of one musical revolution, the French Touch movement. You have Daft Punk, Air, Cassius who he was involved with who influenced a good 7 years of dance music. It’s another thing to do that and then influence another 7 years of music via your very own record label. Who knows where electronic music would have been heading without this shift in momentum.

Trance and techno were dominating everything during the early to mid 2000’s, house music was very annoying, over saturated and just a massive turn off with many commercial elements to it. All that changed when the two french guys called Gaspar and Xavier went under Pedro’s wing, something was born again, electro. Add a combination of hip hop artists ( Dj Mehdi / SebastiAn ) a well respected experimental maniac ( Mr.Oizo ) some girl from America ( Uffie ) an artist who was perfect for the times ( SO ME ) and some 80’s zombie dude ( Kavinsky ) and you have the creating of something special. Indeed someone special had to head this label up. Nation by nation fell to the likes of Justice and the others, it was like a virus.

Fast forward onto last night. What was last night really about? The celebration of something new or the last major celebration of what we have all to come to love. I would honestly say it’s both. That sound from 2007 died around 2010, it was over-saturated, it happens to every musical movement, people copy it and we all get sick of it but I would rather not look at it as the latter but the former.

He always has a trick up his sleeve. If its the signing of funk artist Breakbot or new kid on the block Boston Bun. A man who has been so influential in the music industry and as clever as he has been in the past, it will not surprise me if in the next few years along with the new logo, we have something else he has been part of. I can argue in many ways he set the wheels in motion for Trap music by convincing Diplo and A-Trak to incorporate their hip hop roots within the electronic genre, it’s worked pretty well thats for sure.

Anyway last nights show was great, youtube was fantastic and full credit for the people behind that. I look forward to the future. Ed Banger isn’t dead, far from it, he’s now holding others hands to follow him. We will be there. 

You can download all the sets from the link, here.  7

Soraan Latif