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Who else thought of broccoli as trees when you were a kid ? :P 

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Words from the head music writer at Seven Shades of Black magazine, Daniel Lee Harvey

When Soraan approached me with the magazine idea, I automatically said to myself this can work. We spent days discussing different ways we could potentially produce it and this was something that was originally meant as a student project. Soraan decided that doing the magazine online would save a lot of money as well as time. This way, readers have the opportunity to see it for free or to have a copy made specifically for them through the distributors of the website. Soraan then said to me if I would like to write for it, like in specialist music and I agreed. Since then, I have featured articles in 2 of the following issues as well as conduct interviews with some of the biggest names in the trip-hop circle. 

Through the magazine, it has helped me to express the way I look into music to a larger audience. I always had these sentiments within my head but no way of initiating them until now. I am grateful to how much people do take the time to read it as there are so many writers, designers, and artists who all come from different background and ages with pockets of talent. 

I am the youngest writer to be on Seven Shades of Black and I feel this is a great opportunity to anyone who has a passion in journalism or just want something that will allow them to unwind their interests. Music for me is therapy, I don’t know how to describe the feelings I get off it. There is just too many. People though normally go for what is accepted and don’t try and expand as it’s seen as being different, but Seven Shades of Black aims to exploit what makes culture so innovative. The true artists are the ones that conflict what is already happening and try to add their own interpretation on top. We as a team love that notion and will do everything in our influence to support it. 

With any project, there will always be bewilderment but if you have the correct stimulus and mentality, you will overcome what you originally intended.. It’s an opening to many doors and I just hope that the magazine and everyone behind it gets what they truly deserve. 

One last thing, if you have sniper-eyed vision, you will be appreciated (laughs) we have been known to make a lot of errors but I guess that is our way of signing the truth. 

Anyone can join the team, no matter your experience or age, as long as you can speak about something passionately, we will be happy to have you join! 

Daniel Lee Harvey - Head Writer Of Music 

amy winehouse is just another victim of suffocating talent, if only she could see what her music was doing to people, so many stars are all still labelled by the way they died but not for the legacy they left behind.. with all the drama she has suffered, amy was talented, there’s not doubt in me saying that.. R.I.P x 


Audrey Hepburn 1963


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Beastie Boys ft Santi Gold VS SebastiAN
Are you being serious ? Who thought of this piece of genius.
Quirky / fun video, SebastiAn kicks in at 2.15 SL x


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